We're Modernizing the Initiative Petition Process

Western Petition Systems is modernizing the way that petitions are created, signed, and validated in Oklahoma and across the western United States.

the problem

Better Petitions. Healthier Democracy.

Before an initiative is put on the ballot, the signatures must be go through a verification process, where the Secretary of State checks that the person who signed is a registered voter, and actually signed the petition themselves. When petitions have illegible signatures, it's difficult to verify them.

The Secretary of State (or your designated state official) or the state courts generally do not want to approve unverified signatures, but also do not want to discredit actual signatures, so the petitions usually get passed without thorough verification. We're working to solve this.

the solution

How Western Petition is Solving the Problems.

In Oklahoma, Western Petition Systems spearheaded legislation that will modernize the age old, archaic petition system, starting on November 3rd, 2020.

Our innovative and automated process searches voter records and matches signatures with registered voters, highlighting discrepancies, and providing a detailed report to the Secretary of State.

Each signature can be traced back to a registered voter using three or more data points, eliminating many of the issues associated with the initiative process.

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Recent Tutorial Videos

We're publishing loads of tutorial videos to help you create, sign, and validate your petitions. Check out some of the most recent tutorial videos below, or click the button below to view all tutorial videos.

the process

Which states have the initiative petition process?

Fifteen states throughout the U.S. have the initiative process for state statutes and constitutional amendments. People in these states have the ability to petition for changes to the state constitutions as well as state statutes, without having to go through the legislative process.

States with Initiated Statutes and Amendments

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how it works

Oklahoma's New Initiative Process

Starting November 1st, 2020, the State of Oklahoma's new initiative and referendum process will go into law. In order to help transition, we've laid out the process for you, and we're working on some amazing video content to help even more.

Print Forms

Before collecting signatures, you'll need to get printed the new Oklahoma Official Initiative Petition forms, which are required as of November 1st, 2020 to collect valid signatures for a petition.

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Number of Signatures

Next, how many signatures will I need to collect? Here learn how many will need to collected before turning them in the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

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The Whole Process

There is an entire process to conducting your own petition in the state of Oklahoma. Click this link to learn about the entire process from A to Z.

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"...the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

— First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution